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Anonymous2018-05-21 06:15:40 File: unnamed.jpg (248.049kb, 1280x1280)
What do you think of this slut?
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Anonymous2018-05-17 07:00:29 File: 012.jpg (12.912kb, 180x220)
I really like a directory, ranking and evaluation, not repeated.

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Anonymous2018-05-05 15:42:47 File: does-it-look-fancy.jpg (10.538kb, 255x179)
When did you realize all women are the same and they only look for guys who treat them like shit ?
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Anonymous2018-04-27 10:23:15 File: MONERO.jpg (2.488kb, 100x95)
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Anonymous2018-04-24 01:10:19 File: 65564356575475875.jpg (81.267kb, 614x767)

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Anonymous2018-03-06 12:33:47 File: IMG_2559-104x768.jpg (290.179kb, 1024x768)
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Anonymous2018-02-19 17:19:50 File: rf4wdtcsdf.png (306.847kb, 406x495)
Rate her
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Anonymous2018-02-13 08:29:46 File: 111.gif (3.517kb, 50x50)
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Anonymous2017-12-27 19:23:07 File: images.jpg (10.085kb, 251x201)
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Anonymous2017-12-21 22:43:34 File: ajitpaiisgreatbitch.jpg (925.772kb, 1500x1125)
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Anonymous2017-12-07 07:30:32 File: giphy.gif (75.416kb, 240x152)
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Anonymous2017-12-06 12:11:09 File: a.jpg (452.756kb, 1039x784)
someone knows, how to get these videos for free?
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Anonymous2017-11-27 00:02:52 File: df4562e13c4fb9a86c5f084717c7c662.jpg (176.866kb, 1080x1080)
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Anonymous2017-10-27 20:16:59 File: finalalexander-lukashenko fuckerdicmeme23.jpg (226.862kb, 1300x2961)
first roll
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Anonymous2017-10-16 03:39:05 File: gun.jpg (174.485kb, 1024x669)
does any one knows how 2 get a gun in central america?
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Anonymous2017-10-14 05:00:44 File: cashoutcards@tutamail.jpg (1766.554kb, 1920x1080)
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Anonymous2017-10-05 18:38:04 File: dhemni rokto english.jpg (309.128kb, 571x996)

So, this was posted on a indian(country) fb page , when some crook radical nationalists gone ape-shit
on this and report and banned and removed that post.
For first i'm gonna say, THIS IS NOT OFFENSIVE. you know ,what is offensive?
making a meme written "duchebag" on the subject. that's offensive !!
you maniacs!! there are plenty of anti-creativity
knucklehead slaves out there who have been brainwashed by their master leader figures, who are
non-human controlfreak haters and doesn't understand a simple humor. they think they will use
national heroes for their good awesome mass-murdering and hatin' business.
and that's not gonna happen, we the free people won't let it happen in THE INTERNET atleast.
Internet is the prime place for freedom of speech and human rights.
we don't try to control and decide who's gonna have rights to use internet.
So, hereby request if you can ,flood the internet with this meme for the sake of freedom.
everyone has right to express themselves unless they're physically hurting other people.
i want it to be featured on even 9gag...i know it's gay now... but still.
you can make it happen bruhs! cheers.

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