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Anonymous2016-10-18 13:57:46 File: haq13cxAs4.jpg (58.905kb, 676x507)
Bored ? Post anythign cool here to kill time

Some strange website
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Anonymous2016-09-27 22:52:29 File: cumpicture.jpg (171.648kb, 1024x660)
Lovely girl
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Anonymous2016-09-16 22:54:18 File: gtfcvd43es23dc.jpeg (2112.322kb, 3500x2303)
go to town for a walk see this what you do ?
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Anonymous2016-09-16 06:45:39 File: 6546787654367.jpg (113.953kb, 640x425)
hi /b
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Anonymous2016-09-16 05:57:18 File: ujhbswcxwqaz.png (207.787kb, 388x336)
This sushi scares mexicans hmmm
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Anonymous2016-09-16 03:33:07 File: 5674345678.jpeg (16.92kb, 200x241)

Don't like someone or someone really pissed you off, here is a cool guide. Have fun.

1. A few light bulbs
2. Torch (one that will melt glass,radio shack single cylinder model.)
3. Gasoline
4. Liquid soap
5. Epoxy glue

1. Make a hole in the light bulb about half an inch below the metal part.
(don't make it on the bottom, because if the seal you will make should break,
the person/room you wanted to eliminate will notice the hole (the gasoline
will drip on the floor.)

2. Now, carefully fill the light bulb about half full with gas, then the rest
with soap (hold at an angle if you have to.) Now, use the epoxy glue and glue
the hole.

3. Thirdly, take the epoxy glue and glue over the hole.

4. Finally, find a light socket and screw the bulb in. Make sure the light is
off. If it is on, then, I will send flowers. Don't test it, unless you are
committing suicide.
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Anonymous2016-09-15 16:56:07 File: tyujbhryctfhg.jpg (423.334kb, 1024x681)
Nostalgia thread
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Anonymous2016-09-13 14:27:16 File: ernest-hiemer-book.jpg (467.825kb, 700x9744)
All you need to know about jews and how they operate
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Anonymous2016-09-13 05:11:28 File: hygq21dz.jpg (133.706kb, 800x596)
your plane crashed on a deserted Island, you see this what you do
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Anonymous2016-09-10 05:45:07 File: dfhgvqiokmnhgbvqrc.gif (313.645kb, 600x450)
I'm pretty lonely, my friends are bluepilled so i feel isolated what the fuck should i do /b ?
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Anonymous2016-09-09 05:25:55 File: 35465789.jpg (925.862kb, 1743x1821)
dump of my sister and her friends, have fun
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Anonymous2016-09-01 16:47:35 File: 4353.jpg (113.646kb, 472x892)
Cringe thread
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Anonymous2016-08-31 16:53:21 File: 5grhrj.jpg (59.144kb, 800x600)
hi /b
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Anonymous2016-08-31 15:23:55 File: the-fappening-series.jpg (2076.867kb, 2070x4200)
anyone remembers the fappening ? https://thehackernews.com/2016/01/fappening-celebrity-hacking.html well here are some photos

Post what you have
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Anonymous2016-08-28 15:27:36 File: 345343.jpg (151.356kb, 1080x720)
some chick from /b back in the day
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Anonymous2016-08-27 14:43:57 File: th37.jpg (68.549kb, 700x630)
How to make cool glowsticks, post any cool ideas
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