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Anonymous2017-02-15 03:38:59 File: 3_JUDGES.jpeg (344.403kb, 2000x1125)
Three judges who have ruled against reinstating Donald Trump's travel ban?

Richard L Clifton
17088 Via Cielo San Lorenzo CA 94580-2826

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Anonymous2017-01-30 06:12:19 File: zuck-wall.jpg (101.681kb, 561x507)
Does anyone have any info about him ?
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Anonymous2017-01-22 04:37:16 File: fbi-leaders.jpg (625.524kb, 1700x2200)
FBI Leaders DOX

click reply to see the list
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Anonymous2017-01-14 03:37:23 File: Oprah-G-Winfrey.jpeg (52.13kb, 306x677)
Oprah G Winfrey
SSN: 408-98-2083
DOB: 01/29/1954
110 N Carpenter St Chicago, IL 60607
35 E Wacker Dr # 1782 Chicago, IL 60601
PO Box 617666 Chicago, IL 60661
900 Shenandoah Dr Brentwood, TN 37027
1507 NE 15TH LN CAPE CORAL, FL 33909
180 E Pearson St Chicago, IL 60611
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Anonymous2017-01-14 03:31:17 File: beyonce-whore.jpeg (9.497kb, 190x266)
Beyonce G Knowles

SSN: 636-24-0227
DOB: 09/04/1981
Phone Number's: (310) 553-1707, (305) 377-9223, (713) 982-7814, (281) 433-1701
Address: 1450 BRICKELL AVE FL 18
MIAMI, FL 33131
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Anonymous2017-01-14 03:27:58 File: bill_gates_kills.jpeg (16.896kb, 188x232)

William Gates

SSN: 539-60-5125

DOB: 10/28/1955

Address: 7400 18th St
Medina, WA 98039

Previous Addresses:
2022 Mercy St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
5501 Lakeview Dr, Kirkland, WA 98033
1551 Eastlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98102
1 Microsoft Way Bldg 8, Redmond, WA 98052
5300 Eastbury Ave Apt E, Baltimore, MD 21206
2365 Carillon Pt, Kirkland, WA 98033
225 108th Ave Apt 5TH, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Anonymous2017-01-14 03:20:12 File: hillary_clinton_dox.jpeg (8.227kb, 307x164)
Hillary Clinton
SSN: 353-40-2536
DOB: 10/26/1947
Address: 730 Jackson Pl NW Washington, DC 20503
Previous Addresses:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington, DC 20599
PO Box 2741 Little Rock, AR 72203
1000 S Hayes St Arlington, VA 22202
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW # 214 Washington, DC 20006
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500
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Anonymous2017-01-03 06:28:31 File: 1.png (3289.277kb, 1366x1777)
I am to sell one percentage of my soul, the 25%, the fourth part os my soul

I have 23 years and consider that my soul has a value very high, but want to experience something new and let that someone handle a part my soul, not am very religious but believe that have an essence spiritual that controls all in us, as them foundations of what are. For sale a part of my soul also because need money to start a business and is a form of thinking that you put my soul to the business, not am no scammer. The purchaser will remain a constant contact so that it can exercise its power over the Covenant.

This Document is legal, is eternal, is a possession of a part my soul. Is Lifetime the warranty and return. The Document is written by me and at the product will be attach and copy my ID. Please see these s Photo1: http://subefotos.com/ver/?55bd2c7d489b38ec53a2c7a760359a90o.png Photo2: http://subefotos.com/ver/?d8d272b02b21851573acea0d4b504a8bo.png Photo3: http://subefotos.com/ver/?6c15cc6a7b8d401502f6c5a523eac86fo.png This links are the photos of the document For negotiation ask me in the messages is negotiable. The price in dollar is USD $990000.

A document which gives it possession of the 25% my soul, in the document it makes a pact with rights, duties and conditions.
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Anonymous2016-11-20 06:17:48 File: ytjr6uhgf.jpg (29.32kb, 200x150)
Dox on Washington DC People

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Anonymous2016-11-06 05:59:21 File: austyn-crites.jpg (32.82kb, 649x238)
The guy who tried to kill donald trump 3 days before the election


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Anonymous2016-10-28 00:26:49 File: 86.jpg (71.781kb, 592x561)
anyone able to get info on who this license plate belongs to. South Carolina Plate G37112
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Anonymous2016-09-19 21:19:25 File: 1459165914235.jpg (118.207kb, 960x1280)
Who is she?
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Anonymous2016-09-03 03:23:25 File: 7653478776.jpg (17.166kb, 200x200)
crookedhillary supporters big dox, some great anon posted this on fullchan board

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Anonymous2016-09-01 18:17:58 File: apple1.gif (1.022kb, 25x29)
Turkish Citizenship Database

This leak contains the following information for 49,611,709 Turkish citizens: (IN CLEARTEXT)

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