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Anonymous2017-12-05 19:10:36 File: 545899867564354678.jpg (190.458kb, 1060x1112)
Buy BItcoins and say fuck to the rigged banking system.
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Anonymous2017-11-11 01:15:25 File: iphone2-x-silver-selct-2012723.jpg (14.787kb, 231x331)
Buy iPhone X at the lowest price in a darknet
Visit our store : http://applei7nkshrsnih.onion/
Email : applemerch@emailn.at
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Anonymous2017-10-14 05:25:15 File: cashing_out_cards.jpg (1766.554kb, 1920x1080)
Cloned credit cards with ATM pin for sale. Visa/MasterCard/Amex available. Shipping worldwide!
Email: cashoutcards@tumail.com
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Anonymous2017-10-09 20:24:01 File: 11111.jpg (2086.533kb, 5312x2988)
$350 - I take care of shipping with tracking - you'll get tracking the same day.

Getting rid of this Smith & Wesson M&P40 - comes with 3 - 10 capacity magazines, blade-tech kydex holster and the carrying case. No I don't have more than one and I'm not selling anything else. It's unused, don't ask why I'm getting rid of it.

Clear hi-res pictures provided upon request, I can include the current date and e-mail on a piece of paper next to the handgun to prove it's mine.

If my PGP isn't posted, ask me for it.

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Anonymous2017-10-06 19:54:49 File: new.png (6.369kb, 250x250)
send your BTC to this adress.
we need to change money.
send email to doubble@hide.com
with your amount of BTC and your BTC adress.
you get doubble back
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Anonymous2017-10-03 17:46:36 File: protonmail.jpg (1623.52kb, 1913x3151)
Never use Protonmail, your are not safe when you use their service !

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Anonymous2017-08-17 00:23:28 File: 56457568457568568568.jpg (39.008kb, 720x662)
We all know google is an evil company that is against free speech and creates propaganda, help to destroy google and post your ideas how to shut them down ( picture related is what some anon did ).
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Anonymous2017-08-06 13:11:52 File: FB_IMG_1501947417407.jpg (14.76kb, 480x318)
Full guide and tutoring about Carding: Carding: Online, In-store, Going through vendors and advice, Phishing for
change of billing addresses
Including drops and what you need to know;Huge guide written by BlackHatMac (video course included)

What I’m going to cover:
Online Carding
- A quick overview of what online carding is
- SOCKS and why we use them
- Finding a cardable site and what cardable means
- Carding "non cardable websites" with fake CC scans and other fake documents
Carding while on the job
- Getting CC, CVV, CVV2 through use of mobiles
- Skimming whilst on the job
- Using carbonless receipts to get details (pretty outdated method)
- Trashing for receipts and credit reports (pretty outdated although still works)
Phishing over the phone
- Phishing over the phone for details
Keylogging for CVV2s
- Hardware keylogging
Carding Instore
- What instore carding is (very brief)
- How it’s done
- How to act and present yourself instore
Carding over the phone
- Carding over the phone
- Services provided in IRC
- Advantages to using IRC for info
- Disadvantages
- How to find carding channels (Will not go too much into this as there are secrets
- Vendors and how to approach them

Contact blackhatmac@mail.ru
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Anonymous2017-08-04 04:08:50 File: radar-system-police.png (162.969kb, 541x708)
What to do about this ?
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Anonymous2017-07-27 02:27:28 File: windows10worker.png (1197.46kb, 1300x4704)
I'm sure a lot of people already seen this but here it goes: microsoft employee is sharing his story about working for on windows program.
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Anonymous2017-07-25 19:32:47 File: 1856.jpg (24.89kb, 620x372)
Tell me anon what are you going to do now since they are killing one of the best windows programs ?
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Anonymous2017-07-25 04:42:34 File: 56757674576585689658.jpeg (6.344kb, 300x168)
Question for everyone, why the fuck would you own a smartphone?
Smartphone = tracking device
You don't think they are listening to you and watching you ? ok go and try saying "ok google" or "hello siri" and let me know what will happen. I won't even mention constant pinging from the cell towers that gives you headaches which eventually creates cancer in your system.
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Anonymous2017-07-22 03:19:38 File: 87982ASsdgd.jpg (88.792kb, 800x800)
I live on college campus with roommates where would be the best place to install pinhole camera ?
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Anonymous2017-07-21 07:06:05 File: IMG_20170714_144958.jpg (108.952kb, 458x287)
All types of hacking tools, hacking softwares, cheats, premium bots for Pc and MAC, contact: needlecash@mail.ru
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Anonymous2017-07-19 00:20:37 File: 45753945756874568.jpeg (10.235kb, 253x199)
What kind of text editor are you using ?
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Anonymous2017-07-11 15:57:53 File: 567547684565875686.png (1379.243kb, 2560x600)
Reddit is FAKE NEWS owned by the jews
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Anonymous2017-07-04 01:37:28 File: google-news-lab.png (6.039kb, 599x84)
>Google abused its market dominance as a search engine by promoting its own comparison shopping service in its search results, and demoting those of competitors.

Daily reminder google search engine is rigged and it promotes corporations and their own products.

More info here https://boingboing.net/2017/06/27/margrethe-vestager.html?utm_source=moreatbb&utm_medium=nextpost&utm_campaign=nextpostthumbnails

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Anonymous2017-07-03 13:21:17 File: FB_IMG_1499086437579.jpg (102.956kb, 720x960)
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Anonymous2017-07-01 21:52:13 File: email_icon.jpeg (5.925kb, 300x168)
Free and easy to set up email providers that don't require cellphone number during registration ?
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Anonymous2017-06-30 19:51:54 File: yh5frZA5G.jpg (82.01kb, 604x453)
Tor or VPN or both ?
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Anonymous2017-06-24 03:11:26 File: search_engines.jpeg (45.441kb, 600x400)
Post your favorite search engine ?
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Anonymous2017-06-22 22:16:04 File: yellow_dots_printers.png (372.626kb, 512x384)
Searching for a nsa-free printer that won't track me down ( the one which doesn't print invisble yellow dots ) pic related

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Anonymous2017-06-22 18:24:14 File: two-way-radio.jpeg (9.402kb, 275x183)
Whats your opinion on two way radios ?
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Anonymous2017-06-21 02:45:52 File: T400_0000-300x300.jpg (78.346kb, 300x300)
should i get it ?
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Anonymous2017-06-20 18:02:00 File: buy_a_law.jpg (184.4kb, 600x800)
When will people wake up ?
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