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Anonymous2016-10-16 00:40:04 File: the-internet.jpeg (436.914kb, 1436x1408)
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Anonymous2016-10-09 04:35:55 File: 765787656467.jpeg (514.984kb, 700x1987)
whats your opinion on bitcoins, it looks like the climbing up to 1k again should i buy them ?
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Anonymous2016-09-27 21:17:40 File: 6yuhjb.jpeg (15.203kb, 255x222)
Protect yourself when you see a hidden camera
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Anonymous2016-09-10 14:20:05 File: microsoft-spy.jpg (44.102kb, 640x480)
>Microsoft is putting its machine brains into a Liebherr refrigerator.

great now they can spy on us even more, will people actually fall for this, holy shit

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Anonymous2016-09-01 17:05:12 File: tekst.jpg (170.112kb, 680x680)
to all window users
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Anonymous2016-08-27 17:01:02 File: pokemong-go-cia.jpg (17.306kb, 271x210)
Pokemon go linked to CIA

As the game needs "full account access" to your Google account which may contain your contacts' numbers, emails, your photos and videos on Google Drive, and also wants you to grant it access to nearly everything in your phone system especially on Android, Reeve labeled it a "huge security risk" and said that Pokémon Go can basically do the following:

>Read all your emails
>Send emails as you
>Access all your Google Drive documents (including deleting them)
>Look at your search history and your Maps navigation history
>Access any private photos you may store in Google Photos

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Anonymous2016-08-27 14:42:03 File: technology.jpg (18.852kb, 270x180)
This is technology board, post anything related.
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