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Anonymous2018-03-18 16:05:21 File: 1388551231984.jpg (6.343kb, 176x144)
i have PE & too much sensitivity with my penis can u suggest me any effective treatment
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Anonymous2018-02-22 22:34:25 File: cd6c5a29385eba25a625f00e25981a86.jpg (123.682kb, 1080x1080)
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Anonymous2017-12-31 00:13:56 File: ipho2ne-x-silv2er-select-201723.jpg (4.965kb, 139x200)
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Anonymous2017-12-14 18:14:55 File: Bill_Gates_Autism.jpg (310.895kb, 1440x960)
Don't vaccinate your kids ! They are trying to make your kids ...
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Anonymous2017-12-01 23:16:32 File: Anti-bigpharma-family-shot-dead-678x381.jpg (43.519kb, 678x381)
Entire Holistic Family, Who Fought Big Pharma, Found Murdered

This is what happens when your fighting the bad and evil. The only way to change this is if we start doing the same thing to them.
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Anonymous2017-11-06 20:50:30 File: iphone-x-silver-select-2012723.jpg (14.787kb, 231x331)
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Anonymous2017-10-14 05:11:09 File: cashout_cards.jpg (1766.554kb, 1920x1080)
Cloned credit cards with ATM pin for sale. Visa/MasterCard/Amex available. Shipping worldwide!
Email: cashoutcards@tutamail.com
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Anonymous2017-10-09 20:22:36 File: 1111.jpg (2086.533kb, 5312x2988)
$350 - I take care of shipping with tracking - you'll get tracking the same day.

Getting rid of this Smith & Wesson M&P40 - comes with 3 - 10 capacity magazines, blade-tech kydex holster and the carrying case. No I don't have more than one and I'm not selling anything else. It's unused, don't ask why I'm getting rid of it.

Clear hi-res pictures provided upon request, I can include the current date and e-mail on a piece of paper next to the handgun to prove it's mine.

If my PGP isn't posted, ask me for it.

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Anonymous2017-07-26 23:10:21 File: 657465734657.jpg (248.418kb, 600x714)
Weedkiller Found in Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Why are (((they))) trying to poison us ?? Their new slogan should be "I can't believe it's ..............poison "
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Anonymous2017-06-16 09:11:06 File: 4njF9iq.jpg (22.14kb, 1920x1080)
health is wealth
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Anonymous2017-05-10 02:21:12 File: parasites.png (1081.303kb, 900x1040)
Post anything that will help other people with their healh

Parasites can cause:

Abdominal pain
Nausea or vomiting
Gas or bloating
Stomach pain or tenderness
Feeling tired
Passing a worm in your stool

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Anonymous2017-03-28 04:54:55 File: 4574985635467455.jpg (111.863kb, 500x353)
I have something simillar to this ( not as bad ) I don't believe in taking any pills because they will fuck me up one way or another. Any suggestions ?
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Anonymous2017-03-24 03:37:09 File: chemotherapy_will_kill_you.jpeg (112.339kb, 761x579)
‘The only people who benefit from the modern cancer industry are doctors, drug companies and the people who make radiotherapy equipment. The drug industry has so much control over the private cancer charities (because it gives them money) that these charities are only interested in research that is likely to uncover drug based cures. In most western countries it is now actually illegal to offer a treatment for cancer that might work.
Even qualified doctors are only allowed to prescribe chemotherapy or radiotherapy or to send their patients for surgery. The authorities relentlessly persecute those who offer new and possibly effective and non toxic therapies. Doctors who dare to offer patients new hope and new treatments are scorned, abused, persecuted, vilified, forced to go into hiding or threatened with imprisonment.
The list of doctors who have been persecuted for offering non-orthodox cancer treatments (which invariably seem to work much better than anything offered by the official cancer industry) is as long as the list of alleged cancer ‘cures’ offered or promised by the cancer industry which have been proven to be of no value, or quietly forgotten once those making the promises had acquired the grants they wanted.
In Britain it is illegal for anyone to claim to have a cure for cancer that is not approved by the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. Countless cancer pioneers – including some of the brightest medical brains of the century – have been hounded out of America and forced to open clinics elsewhere.’ Dr. Vernon Coleman

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Anonymous2017-03-23 13:42:00 File: vfer4dx29kmgh67rv.jpeg (10.257kb, 300x168)
Breaking News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Court Docs Reveal Monsanto And EPA Colluded To Poison The Public

A court case in California has forced the release of emails between Monsanto and the EPA, and the contents are sickening. We now have certifiable proof that Monsanto has always known Roundup causes cancer.
But even worse, we now have proof the EPA is a corrupt organization that is more interested in money than protecting the environment or the health of Americans.

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Anonymous2017-03-19 04:03:55 File: tyrcviopmkqaswtvg.png (2.693kb, 259x194)
Don't forget your flu vaccine and that gmos are perfectly safe to eat my friend
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Anonymous2017-02-18 03:52:53 File: radiation.jpg (206.984kb, 1024x1076)
shut up and listen !
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Anonymous2017-02-09 05:26:00 File: Smiley 01.jpeg (14.362kb, 436x436)
Wished you would find someone that treated you like the truly wonderful person that you are?

I can help you to be truly happy and loved.

You will be treated with kindness and compassion.

If you are going through a difficult time we can go over the issues together and find the best solution for you. No judgements.

If you just want to improve your life, we can work together to learn to love yourself, the person that you are with, or someone else who will be perfect for you and treat you as the fantastically amazing person that you are.

What type of financial commitment are you willing to make for this beautiful opportunity?

Eagerly awaiting your response. Email me at lovingvoice@sigaint.org
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Anonymous2017-02-02 13:48:34 File: nutella-cancer.jpeg (11.288kb, 201x251)
There we go again.
How many of you love nutella ?

European Study Concludes Nutella Is Carcinogenic

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Anonymous2017-02-02 05:03:19 File: mk7hy436fv.jpg (49.014kb, 452x357)
Letter From A Morgellons Family

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Anonymous2017-01-15 05:40:44 File: dr-ass.jpg (49.099kb, 400x504)
Every fucking time. Just do everything opposite what this guy says and you won't get sick
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Anonymous2017-01-15 04:34:21 File: ractopamine.jpg (65.131kb, 640x292)
What to avoid, post what you have
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Anonymous2017-01-15 03:45:57 File: 76tyfyt6uythgj.png (525.882kb, 534x531)
So when are you going to stop eating that jew food ?
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Anonymous2017-01-14 02:03:55 File: cure-cancer-vitamin-c.jpg (160.542kb, 497x656)
Cure cancer with vitamin c
Now it's possible !
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Anonymous2017-01-09 01:25:35 File: 5474678437443367.jpeg (60.475kb, 473x318)
Hi anons, does anyone know what would be the best shampoo or any other product to fix itchy and oily scalp ?
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Anonymous2016-11-27 02:45:22 File: tea-tree-oil.jpeg (14.236kb, 275x183)
Top 15 Terrific Uses for Tea Tree Essential Oil

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