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Anonymous2016-09-16 06:35:14 File: 7654367876.JPG (2.929kb, 128x85)
because it's not worth it
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Anonymous2016-09-13 08:13:16 File: juhg43.jpg (57.032kb, 492x475)
Healing bullet wounds
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Anonymous2016-09-09 13:18:19 File: Slide11.JPG (71.353kb, 960x511)
this is why most people have diabetes and other big health problems
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Anonymous2016-09-07 12:52:44 File: test-water.jpg (96.505kb, 960x720)
Test your water
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Anonymous2016-09-06 15:51:43 File: vaccines_cause_autism.png (322.919kb, 500x386)
Vaccines are causing Autism !

>Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a man who helped families whose children were believed to have been damaged by vaccines, was found dead last week under what many are calling ‘suspicious circumstances’.


another person dead just because he exposed the truth
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Anonymous2016-09-03 03:50:34 File: 76578765.jpg (120.136kb, 960x652)
weed is bad
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Anonymous2016-09-01 18:29:38 File: herbsforu.jpg (86.244kb, 300x216)
Funny how the doctor will never tell you about this.

"A patient cured is a customer lost"
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Anonymous2016-08-31 16:51:50 File: chemo-kills.jpg (172.83kb, 600x400)
Chemotherapy Is Killing Up To 50% Of Cancer Patients

New research has shown that chemotherapy drugs are killing up to 50 per cent of patients in some hospitals.

Based on the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting chemotherapy researchers found indications that the medication was the cause of death, rather than the cancer.

The research was published in the Lancet Oncology

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Anonymous2016-08-27 05:55:11 File: cancer-gmo.jpg (30.277kb, 600x351)
why are americans so stupid and eat GMO ? This is giving you cancer.
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Anonymous2016-08-27 05:40:12 File: y798tr5.jpg (478.981kb, 722x624)
american cancer society, no one should be surprised by this and yes the jews are running it
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Anonymous2016-08-27 05:18:40 File: best-antibiotics.jpg (112.703kb, 832x685)
best ANTIBIOTICS that will destroy viruses and bacteria.
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