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Anonymous2017-02-22 04:01:35 File: make-people-great-again-usa.jpg (61.506kb, 640x480)
Donald Trump Junks Barack Obama’s Pro-Transgender Policies

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Anonymous2017-02-22 03:55:17 File: george-soros-jude.jpg (177.993kb, 600x570)
URGENT! New Report EXPOSES 6 Top Republicans on George Soros Payroll! Guess Who’s Being Paid to Stop Trump?

The GOP recipients of the Soros Fund Managment are:
1 Sen. John McCain, (R-AZ)
2 House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)
3 Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
4 Gov. John Kasich, (R-OH)
5 Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
6 Rep Carlos Curbelo (R-FL).


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Anonymous2017-02-17 05:03:27 File: Untitled.jpg (24.123kb, 801x40)
Is Liberland a scam? The officials refused to make a comment about citizenship.

> The Truth of "Everyone who collected more than 5000 Merits will be granted citizenship."

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Anonymous2017-02-17 04:21:21 File: 6457857664767i76.jpg (81.287kb, 600x450)
Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Alter DNA

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Anonymous2017-02-17 02:37:58 File: 57679547465453565978476.jpg (118.514kb, 1024x526)
The FBI Is Building a National Watchlist That Gives Companies Real-Time Updates on Employees

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Anonymous2017-02-15 04:56:54 File: 7689764557689.jpeg (7.115kb, 300x168)
Kanye West Says His Memory ‘Was Wiped’ After Forced Hospitalization

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Anonymous2017-02-15 03:49:15 File: 6r1a8kk.jpg (41.352kb, 640x480)
You won’t believe who has their dirty money in Facebook’s “Fake News” censorship program

This is very bad news for bloggers and for freedom of speech. I have been worried about Facebook for some time as I keep hearing scuttlebutt that they are going to weed out fake news. But who decides what is fake? It smacks of censorship and sure enough, that is what is coming. It has already started in Germany. Correctiv is a supposed ‘fake news’ censor that is working with Facebook in Germany. The problem is, it is funded by groups directly linked to that old spider, George Soros and it is staffed by devout leftists. I have sincere doubts they will remain unbiased and objective.

Germany is a testing ground for this. I am positive that this same service will be applied here in the US with a chilling effect on news and the free flow of information. Leftist journalists comprise the ranks of Correctiv. Maybe not so ironically, it is leftist journalists in the first place that promote fake news. €114,000 has been donated by the Dutch organization The Adessium Foundation which works on climate change and environmental issues and is openly funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Soros’ Open Society Foundation has also given €26,884 directly to Correctiv. He’s managed to get his corrupt mitts on Facebook, so he can manage news and information. If that becomes the case in the US, Facebook will fall.
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Anonymous2017-02-10 13:20:44 File: 456765747467.jpg (265.084kb, 900x500)
Paris to build €20mn bombproof wall to guard Eiffel Tower against terrorist attacks

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Anonymous2017-02-09 05:22:01 File: Smiley.jpeg (14.362kb, 436x436)
Wished you would find someone that treated you like the truly wonderful person that you are?

I can help you to be truly happy and loved.

You will be treated with kindness and compassion.

If you are going through a difficult time we can go over the issues together and find the best solution for you. No judgements.

If you just want to improve your life, we can work together to learn to love yourself, the person that you are with, or someone else who will be perfect for you and treat you as the fantastically amazing person that you are.

What type of financial commitment are you willing to make for this beautiful opportunity?

Eagerly awaiting your response. Email me at lovingvoice@sigaint.org
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Anonymous2017-02-06 05:17:14 File: fraud-obama.jpeg (11.271kb, 189x267)
Iran's Supreme Leader Tweets Out an Image of President Obama About to Commit Suicide

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Anonymous2017-02-05 05:56:58 File: 45675467.jpg (50.883kb, 500x488)
Clinton Foundation On The Brink Of Collapse

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Anonymous2017-02-03 20:44:14 File: 15747699_1793653607552503_2209296075600483781_n.jpg (36.791kb, 480x480)
Please Help


I am contacting you & everyone-i-can-reach simply because we have no more options left.


We live in Oklahoma and have recently had our newborn baby taken by OK DHS. The parties that were responsible for this are Family who work in OK gov, and they are very well connected and wealthy.

No attorney in the State will help us, despite having an abundance of evidence of gross official corruption from the State Treasurer, Judges, and various employees of the State.

Many Parents claim, sometimes wrongly, that the State took their kids for 'no good reason", however... I can show with an overwhelming amount of evidence that each and every party who is involved, is also a kin-relation to myself and my wealthy family. Every-last-one.

This started at least around 2008. In 2006 my sibs and I inherited significant Oil/Gas/Real estate from this Family.

Household Names: Sherwin-Williams, Patton, Miller, Freeman, Robinson/BUSH, and for the love of everything Good my uncles are "Calvery - Co-owner of Sandridge Energy", and "Tom Ward - Chesapeake Energy" is my 2nd cousin.

Our Story is a complicated one, but at the heart of it all is a Pipeline that is now being built right through at least one of the 360 acre sections we inherited, and sure enough many people involved with the state, and the abduction (on 100% verifiable false pretenses) of our newborn Son who was less than 24 hours old, are undeniably connected to numerous energy and pipeline companies.

We had visitation with him just 2 days ago, and when his mother went to change his diaper before we left, she noticed he WAS INJURED. Sexually abused. A WEEK OLD BABY. When we called the PD to report it they rushed him out into a car and left. I SHIT YOU NOT. WE HAVE VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE INCIDENT, and a Police report that will effectively be useless.

Everyone involved with DHS is kin-relation to this Family I inherited this curse from. Every one.

Their immediate (local) relatives are oil field workers, Energy CEOS, Pipeline technicians and engineers. State & County Officials. Attorneys.


I have no illusions as to the influence of these people, and therefore have almost zero faith in going to the DOJ or FBI.

We NEED HELP - Exposure. Public Awareness.

WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES this is happening to. It's been going on for years, unrecognized by the Public because most people are unaware they either have or are in-line to inherit these oil/gas/mineral assets.

We had numerous energy law firms, international brokerage firms, and (energy) business analyst firms follow us on social media at least since 2008, and never noticed until recently.

We are talking about potentially hundreds of Criminal cases, foreclosed homes, lives and families destroyed to keep certain "distant" family members like us from realizing any inheritance from these Old-Money families.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - We are "poor" normal people and therefore easy targets. We need help.

Please share this information and/or contact me through this email. I can also be contacted through the blog.

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Anonymous2017-02-03 06:08:23 File: illegal_immigrants.jpeg (28.526kb, 640x493)
Mexico Announce Boycott Of American Goods

Nasty backstabbers, I hope their country goes to hell FUCK MEXICO
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Anonymous2017-02-02 14:19:19 File: starbucks.jpeg (4.423kb, 225x225)
Starbucks Announces Plan to Discriminate Against 380 Million Americans With New Jobs in the Next Five Years

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Anonymous2017-02-02 13:40:42 File: 544678987678.jpeg (49.424kb, 500x653)
Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby

Study of 13,000 children exposes link between use of handsets and later behavioural problems
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Anonymous2017-02-02 06:17:44 File: cnn_busted_again.jpeg (16.688kb, 363x139)
CNN lies again? Says Trump’s job approval rating is 19 percentage points lower than it really is

The fake news network did it again
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Anonymous2017-02-02 05:36:53 File: we_voted_obama.jpeg (37.121kb, 640x546)
Trump proven right: millions of dead and invalid voters not included in study showing 800,000 illegals for Hillary!


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Anonymous2017-02-02 04:42:40 File: traitor-paul-ryan.jpeg (12.108kb, 312x162)
Republican traitor Paul Ryan now trying to protect Big Pharma from Trump’s monopoly-dismantling reforms


What a snake, Trump should fire him
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Anonymous2017-02-02 03:03:45 File: 76543678354567.jpg (2631.697kb, 800x1074)
Good News !

Trump Already Raised Over $7 Million for 2020 Re-Election Campaign

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Anonymous2017-02-01 04:25:10 File: cctv.jpeg (68.769kb, 700x467)
FBI ‘secret rules’ revealed: Massive trove of documents unmask agency's shady tactics


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Anonymous2017-01-17 06:15:48 File: hA5gYBs.png (171.102kb, 1000x510)
Arguments from authority and intimidation support vaccine propaganda

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Anonymous2017-01-15 03:19:02 File: g5d3vxs.jpeg (10.159kb, 259x194)
Good News !

Only 4 survive after boat with 110 migrants sinks off Libyan coast


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Anonymous2017-01-13 17:43:47 File: 11.png (3289.277kb, 1366x1777)
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Anonymous2017-01-10 09:32:42 File: h6f3ds18g.jpeg (63.126kb, 634x450)
"Putin's Not On Our Team": Obama Worried Americans Trust Russia More Than U.S. Govt

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Anonymous2017-01-06 12:17:17 File: sgtrwcomf.png (335.11kb, 618x512)
14-Year-Old Pennsylvania Student Charged with Hate Crime for Telling a Black Joke, Chicago Crime “Just Stupidity”

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