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Anonymous2016-09-24 04:40:55 File: 765585659.jpeg (2.279kb, 160x89)
Facebook Is Urging Users to Vote This November


looks like crooked hillary is getting help from jewbook ( 90% of people that use facebook are democrats ) only losers use that site
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Anonymous2016-09-18 04:47:32 File: 545685747.jpg (200.599kb, 1200x900)
At least 29 injured in improvised explosive device blast in Manhattan

obama fuckin around doing nothing, having fun while jew york gets blown up top kek
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Anonymous2016-09-17 06:32:32 File: j7hgbv6r.jpg (5.103kb, 236x188)
Researchers weave a new fabric that can harvest energy from the sun and motion

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Anonymous2016-09-16 22:06:31 File: 6575436754.jpeg (17.417kb, 191x264)
NEW YORK TIMES “Profiles” Blacks Over Taste For Menthol Cigarettes—But Police Aren’t Supposed To Notice Their Taste For Drugs And Violence

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Anonymous2016-09-16 03:24:53 File: sexual-emergency.jpeg (9.525kb, 308x163)
Syrian Prof: Arabs Migrate for ‘Sluts’ and Welfare, Attack When They Don’t Get It

They are coming to usa... thanks obama

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Anonymous2016-09-16 03:15:27 File: 6ytgvbfh.jpeg (6.266kb, 219x230)
Sick of brushing your teeth with coffee? Good news! They put caffeine in toothpaste now.

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Anonymous2016-09-13 05:55:49 File: 65HHRHsargt.jpg (37.164kb, 480x320)
Women are 'genetically programmed to have affairs'
Women are predisposed by their genetics to have affairs as "back-up plans'" if their relationships fail, according to a research paper.

>back-up plans

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Anonymous2016-09-11 11:19:34 File: obrazek01.jpg (34.76kb, 640x360)
Another Clinton witness dead after apartment explosion.... can you believe this shit? NWO motherfuckers :-/
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Anonymous2016-09-10 03:30:37 File: 9h08mghmghmmghm.jpg (286.313kb, 700x970)
Clinton campaign and Dems get $20M from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is well ahead of her presidential opponent Donald Trump when it comes to fundraising from Silicon Valley — but the second-largest donation of the election season just pushed her financial lead even further. The $20 million infusion comes from Asana and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna.

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Anonymous2016-09-09 16:24:37 File: 1446098214649.jpg (88.261kb, 607x609)
NY state rep kills himself in cemetery amidst fraud allegations - sources

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Anonymous2016-09-09 15:39:02 File: 657876578.jpg (77.163kb, 1842x901)
Fuck America,' Yells Family of Muslim Immigrant on $2 Million Bail for Food Stamp Fraud

>Buffalo deli owner and Muslim immigrant Ahmed Alshami, 37, is being held on $2 million bail for alleged food stamp fraud, WKBW reported late last month. Alshami is charged with "criminal possession of public benefit cards, misuse of food stamps and criminal use of a public benefit card for defrauding the welfare system."

>Upon leaving Alshami's arraignment, the deli owner's wife and daughter were caught on camera flipping the middle finger and screaming "F*ck America."

>"Are you happy now?" asked the wife. "F*ck all of you guys. F*ck America, f*ck it!"

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Anonymous2016-09-09 05:23:09 File: hilaryforprison.jpeg (3.751kb, 142x74)
Mainstream Media: Defeat Trump by Attacking His Supporters


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Anonymous2016-09-08 19:25:44 File: bernie-sanders.png (238.899kb, 510x422)
Julian Assange has confirmed that Bernie Sanders was threatened into pulling out of the Democratic race in July.

During a recent interview with Australian journalist John Pilger, Assange said that Bernie Sanders was forced to drop out of the race due to threats from the Clinton campaign.

Assange’s admission appears to substantiate claims by the Kremlin who revealed they had evidence that Jane Sanders was physically threatened in order to “get Bernie on board” with Hillary’s campaign.

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Anonymous2016-09-03 06:08:09 File: southafrica.jpg (72.715kb, 618x412)
Who Controls The Global Economy? Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The Big Banks


can anyone get the picture ?
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Anonymous2016-09-02 17:08:19 File: 56785457658.jpeg (7.994kb, 259x194)
The American economy may soon plunge into recession, as consumer strength is showing signs of weakening, says Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards. Consumption makes up 70 percent of the US gross domestic product.

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Anonymous2016-09-01 16:28:43 File: niggerbabydoll.jpg (39.392kb, 487x867)
German Schools Brainwash White Girls to be Single Mothers with Black ‘Baby Simulators’

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Anonymous2016-08-31 15:00:11 File: chipotleshit.jpeg (9.657kb, 300x168)
Current and former Chipotle employees claim that the company made them work extra hours "off the clock" without paying them. It's a practice known as wage theft, and Chipotle is allegedly doing it all over the United States.
Nearly 10,000 workers sue Chipotle for unpaid wages


so first the horrible e-coli that they had in their food and now this, great job !
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Anonymous2016-08-31 14:20:32 File: 4645365474.jpeg (13.131kb, 259x194)
Monsanto whistleblower receives $22mn award under US federal govt program

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Anonymous2016-08-28 15:15:16 File: 547457547.jpg (66.065kb, 503x815)
US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to introduce a tracking system for all immigrants in order to make sure none overstay their visas. Anyone who breaks the rule could be deported immediately under his rule.

“If we don’t enforce visa expiration dates, then we have an open border – it’s as simple as that,” Trump pledged on Saturday during a campaign speech in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Anonymous2016-08-27 05:24:29 File: nestleceo2-pg.jpg (18.757kb, 501x293)
Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

>Former Nestle CEO claims water is not a human right and should be privatized and controlled. He also states that GMOs have never caused illnesses despite hundreds of independent studies showing otherwise.

>So, is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations?

>Should the poor who cannot afford to pay these said corporations suffer from starvation due to their lack of financial wealth?

>According to Peter Brabeck-Letmathe the former CEO and now Chairman of the largest food product manufacturer in the world, corporations should own all the water on the planet and you’re not getting any unless you pay.

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