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Anonymous2017-02-02 05:17:29 File: lets_keep_winning.jpg (117.047kb, 1008x792)
This is clearly the best 3 weeks in 8 years. The God Emperor might actually do something good for us.
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Anonymous2017-02-02 04:16:51 File: devil_companies.jpg (6.585kb, 200x231)
Devil Companies that rule the world.

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Anonymous2017-02-02 03:47:21 File: y1m00.jpg (39.716kb, 260x338)
/pol approved books list

Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project
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Anonymous2017-02-01 04:55:34 File: kmnh4.jpg (79.635kb, 306x408)
Rest in peace my friend, THATS ALL I WANT to say
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Anonymous2017-01-30 05:26:45 File: israel-tricks.jpg (39.714kb, 520x371)
Should the jews pay the price ?
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Anonymous2017-01-25 04:48:56 File: white-genocide.jpg (204.303kb, 949x960)
What would be the best state in usa to live. I found this article but don't know how accurate it is

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Anonymous2017-01-17 04:47:57 File: border-security-where.jpg (107.103kb, 564x473)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Really makes you think~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Anonymous2017-01-17 04:28:51 File: obama_dumpster.jpg (56.996kb, 618x633)
I just wanted to say FUCK YOU OBAMA you are a fucking piece of garbage, burn in hell motherfucker !
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Anonymous2017-01-16 00:50:30 File: Jew_merica.jpg (192.368kb, 526x526)
how can we stop this ?
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Anonymous2017-01-15 13:00:27 File: Rothschild_truth.jpg (284.444kb, 1440x720)
----------Rothschild Thread. ---------
We all know they one of the famillies that rule the world by causings destruction, market manipulation and death to innocent people. Lets expose them.
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Anonymous2017-01-15 05:27:47 File: true-story-of-cnn-journalist.jpg (99.366kb, 736x569)
I think cnn is one of the worst fake news networks right now (pic related), we need to create a list of propaganda news and dump them here.
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Anonymous2017-01-15 04:16:46 File: j7g5fsub.jpg (87.861kb, 864x576)
The queen of dumpster number 69
It is time to make sure someone cuts her head off
Fuck you #obama
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Anonymous2017-01-15 03:38:33 File: nigger-fucker.JPG (171.757kb, 500x1137)
Girl whose parents cut her off for dating black boyfriend raises £10,000 for her own education


Once you go black you will never come back, lets see how long before this whore gets killed or dumped.
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Anonymous2017-01-12 06:14:17 File: 78654367654869.jpg (662.983kb, 600x450)
The day is finally coming soon how will you celebrate that day ?
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Anonymous2017-01-06 03:49:47 File: 6gre8f3221.png (219.96kb, 675x631)
so whos going to be the superman?
take a gun and do whats right for america, hopefully they die soon
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Anonymous2017-01-04 10:46:51 File: 194cosplay20dating205.jpeg (504.266kb, 1052x1052)
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Anonymous2017-01-01 15:14:18 File: n5d21agc8v.JPG (56.455kb, 257x300)
The day of the rake is coming soon. How will you fight the government scum ?
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Anonymous2017-01-01 01:29:54 File: SPUTNIK-NEWS.png (638.91kb, 1005x423)
Happy New Year TURKEY !

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Anonymous2016-12-31 13:46:59 File: 457436756848588.jpg (64.502kb, 934x753)
Best political stories of 2016
Happy New Years eve everyone !
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Anonymous2016-12-31 03:07:01 File: 1455066381443.jpg (137.794kb, 800x533)
Whats your opinion on this guy, pic related
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Anonymous2016-12-22 18:53:44 File: Infidel_profile_image_1474387614.jpg (6.992kb, 100x100)

I found this in a paste bin, it included the message... If you are moved positively from this please help it get to other intended recipients. I found it interesting, so here you go. It appears that you may need to widen the viewer window to see the paragraphs properly.

TO: President-Elect Donald Trump

CC: Abe, Assad, Gustaf, Jinping, Masum, May, Merkel, Mukherjee, Putin, Rouhani,
Salman, Solberg. Dearly Beloved Citizens of Africa, Asia, Canada, Northern Europe,
and the United States,

Re: End of Terrorism – New Beginning Dec, 2016

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

After this last act of terrorism running down citizens at a German market I had to
speak up. Germany continues to host most of refugees that fled to Northern Europe.
Germany has no fighters in Syria and they did not participate in the Iraq invasion.
I morn their losses, we need to view everything differently understand what
constitutes responsibility for such an act. Resolve it once and for all.

Recently the White House urged you to make use of entrenched policy makers and
diplomats of our State Department.

“President Obama benefited enormously from the advice and expertise that’s been
shared by those who serve at the State Department,” Mr. Earnest said. “I’m confident
that as President-elect Trump takes office, those same State Department employees
will stand ready to offer him advice as he conducts the business of the United
States overseas.”

– The business of the United States overseas consists of our most glaring, grievous,
and repeated failures. Decades of Middle East involvement and how companies, (not
just ours but those from around the world) have been influenced to utilize workers
in other countries have left us between a rock and a hard place.

Our involvement in the Middle East resembles nothing that we have been repeatedly
told as actions or allowances that equate moral validity. Regarding offshore
manufacturing, all sorts of people want things to do all over this world. How
businesses everywhere are encouraged to participate in worker exploitation abroad
needs scrutiny.

This letter seeks to establish awareness of what drives Middle East policy. Followed
by an examination of distorted narratives Americans, (and nations the world over)
utilize to adhere their collective conscious to. More than anything else
perspectives need to change, getting it right will take time, to conclude I will
draw up some suggestions.

According to media your supporters seem to consist mostly of racists, uneducated,
and ignorant people. How do Evangelicals fit in that cast of characters? Clinton
summed half of the lot up as a basket of deplorables. She expressed regret of the
over reach, she meant “some” are deplorable. Her regret had nothing to do with the
sort of media outrage you experienced almost daily. However you slice it, it seems
Martin Luther has very little clout in power circles of our Federal Government and
Corporate Media.

Considering the providence of our Founding Fathers, none of this would exist were it
not for the Protestant Reformation. For his part, Martin Luther founded the “gospel
truth” and gave an entirely new faith to the entire world without asking for
anything in return. I suspect he would find it incredibly disturbing to learn how
dearly we have paid for his truth.

Here is my truth.

For most Americans, (myself included) Obama exemplified plenty of hope and a
desperately needed change of direction, not just for the US but for continued
stability in the Middle East we promised to deliver. Now that his administration is
in its waning days we can review some of the directions he took. The reasons behind
his participation in Libya, the role behind the removal of Quaddaffi. His handling
of the dawning days of Isis mirror closely with the Taliban as it began doing
questionable things. His dedication to position Assad as the next Saddam. All show
continued efforts that match multiple prior administrations rolled into one.
Technically these things may illustrate a new direction, but how good was this
change, was it what we were hoping for?

American citizens have been told by several administrations that removing bad
leaders enables peace and stability for these areas. Let’s consider Isis because it
slaughtered people we promised to be acting on behalf of for decades, (for decades)
through sanctions, inspections, and eventual war. When they needed our protection
most, from an entity we are most responsible for, Obama turned away. Willful
ignorance of decades of US good intentions that culminated in not just slaughter of
innocent people we spent trillions to protect but all of his actions contributed to
the removal of eight million of those that Obama deems “good.” As Obama, (and prior
administrations) consider, the removal of bad leaders as a good thing you can be
certain that he and his State Department advisers know that removing eight million
“good” people, amounts to those that appear measurably reasoned, educated, and/or
moderately religious is enormously bad for stability in the Middle East. Instead of
helping stabilize Obama chose to exacerbate and exploit problems that he and prior
administrations directly contributed to. Punctuated by political leaders and media
figures incessantly lecturing the American public about the difference between good
and bad worshipers of Islam.

For the most part these measures of guidance have remained mostly consistent as they
have weaved across several decades of “stabilizing” efforts that have culminated in
abject and catastrophic failure. Each effort, the Federal Government has justified
and abused notions of morality upon American citizens that do not deserve any sort
of manipulation, we trust, or should I say trusted that our government knows what it
is being advised to do and acting truthfully. To answer the question above, it was
not good, it was not the change for good anyone hoped for, asked for, or needed
anywhere on this planet. This tapestry of destruction and manipulation ran its
course prior to Obama, it seems something is desperately amiss.

One political scientist/professor, (I assume that was never asked back to CNN)
pointed out last summer that if you would win it would be a revolution,
interestingly this is how I and many Americans saw Obama. Media, awakened to the
news of your election stunned, paralleling Brexit revolution, finding it too
challenging, too unbelievable so they stopped. Instead focusing on dedicating time
between insulting your voters, suddenly questioning the electoral college, your
selections, the phone calls you take, and judgements you make. Continuing to ignore
problems that needed addressing decades ago.

Somehow you and your messages made it through. Beyond the deals, beyond the jobs,
you must instill far greater, long term changes that are necessary for this country.
No more waiting, whoever said it was correct, you are the revolution. From the
Potomac, across foggy bottom, to your new door you must displace entrenched advisers
of policy, mostly those of education, foreign, and communication let them become
forgotten, hopefully forever, an entirely new chapter in history can and must be

What that means, in several ways, can be best described by utilizing statements of
yours that media fragmented to sensationalize, exploit, and/or use to throw specific
segments of the population in doubt of your loyalty. (I wonder how aware you are of
these occurrences?) Beyond that, this framework allows for examination of things
that will shock many Americans, likely the entire world. Due to my rushed attempt to
cover enough topics there is some brevity. Providing some forgiveness, I believe
these hurried examinations can allow for plenty of clarity, understanding, and
plausible direction.


A few weeks ago, began reports of fake news on the internet. It reminded me of
something that occurred shortly before election day, when both government and
corporate media were discrediting you for ascribing the word weak to our veterans. I
honestly thought for a moment that you might be trying to throw the election. To me
this seemed outrageous, why would you say such a thing? So, I looked into it,
realized that media fragmented your full statement, isolated an aspect that made it
seem that way and promoted that bit to the masses, repeated with vigor by Biden, and
again his soundbite promoted to the masses.

Reviewing the clip, it provided enough evidence to question such a claim, as far as
I was concerned completely overturn it. I am no journalist, but it took as long as
message delivery to determine the term weak had more in common with their
“legitimate” story rather than your opinion of Veterans. Further, mainstream media
as “legitimate” news vs fake news, suggests that Americans cannot tell the
difference between good and bad, with some intent of association to ignorance, and I
suppose your voters. Zukerberg promised to crack down on fake news so along with
mainstream “legitimate” media, he believes those that use his service are unable to
discern the difference.

When “legitimate” corporate news pushes erroneous, bias, incomplete, or uninspected
information to the masses vs internet tabloid nonsense, which is worse? Which one is
worse for Americans?

Here is an idea, why not track that weak veterans story? How many people on Facebook
were duped by this heavily promoted fake “legitimate” corporate news story? In the
future can Facebook sieve those out of its steaming pile too? Maybe Google can kick
in with some metrics on “legitimate” corporate media bias and see how much that
influenced the popular vote.

Recently a struggling writer/actor in significant legal trouble, went to
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Anonymous2016-12-07 13:28:47 File: time2016.jpg (131.411kb, 900x1200)
The jews had no choice, everyone knows that if they choosed somone else nobady would buy their propaganda magazine.
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Anonymous2016-12-05 07:11:34 File: the-evil-house.jpg (263.959kb, 1049x750)
Let's drain the big house and put those people where they belong.
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Anonymous2016-12-05 05:16:44 File: pizzagate.jpg (231.579kb, 720x1200)
Exposing Pedo Ring.
Post anything you have and DOX all those people
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Anonymous2016-11-29 13:04:47 File: class08.jpg (176.063kb, 1280x853)
What happened with our schools ? It is pure cancer and it needs to end.

Make Schools Great Again
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