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Anonymous2016-08-30 14:01:48 File: 54545675467.gif (146.927kb, 624x678)
so will the us election be rigged ?
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Anonymous2016-08-29 06:33:19 File: 01872458797354356.jpg (81.986kb, 640x640)
Why are niggers having children if most of them can't even afford it, seems like a very bad idea
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Anonymous2016-08-27 17:24:57 File: trump2016.jpg (67.811kb, 599x596)
Official Donald Trump Thread

Post anything you have

Make America Great Again
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Anonymous2016-08-27 15:08:08 File: 34524578.jpg (433.927kb, 1444x1172)
We all know that niggers are the dumbest people in this world.
Dumping what I have
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Anonymous2016-08-27 05:28:49 File: 4565.jpg (54.299kb, 411x485)
daily reminder hitler did nothing wrong
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Anonymous2016-08-27 04:52:38 File: poorhillary.jpg (74.45kb, 600x600)
Don't you see that she wants to help all those poor people.
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