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Anonymous 2016-09-14 14:09:39 File: debt-student.jpg (194.287kb, 720x932)
Is anyone here going to college and actually believes this bs ? I know so many people that spend 4 years in school and work slave wage jobs. There is no good jobs if you don't have any connections.
Anonymous2016-09-14 14:14:00
According to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) reports, we have 58,000 homeless college students in America today. And that number doesn’t account for those who choose not to report their cases. This is a number that is 75 percent more than three years ago.


Anonymous2016-09-14 14:58:20
in 1952 a full year of tuition at Harvard $600 ,today it is over $35,000

really makes you think
Anonymous2016-09-14 15:24:35File: student-debt-by-state.jpg (76.186kb, 720x590)
college is a big scam no doubt
Anonymous2016-09-15 04:39:40
>go to college
>burn 50k
>waste 4 years
>no job and in debt forever

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