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Anonymous 2018-07-11 08:55:23 File: 33432188_115687182648887_8030967018154885120_o.jpg (76.889kb, 1229x1229)
Me and my friends are trying to attain even a little justice for my friend. We tried various means (posting stuffs in the web) but this bastard seems unaffected.

David Christopher Balderas Silva pushed my friend into her depression. She lost her self-worth and committed suicide. He found a new girl, so to get rid of my friend, he emotionally abused her. Telling her "she's hopeless, no one loves her, she should disappear, etc". That asshole never apologized nor felt any guilt regarding for his actions. He treated her like shit in exchange for the years of trust she has given him.

Born on 30 September 1981
Lives at Cerrada del Convento 42 col. Santa Ursula Xitla 14420 Distrito Federal´╗┐, Mexico City
PhD student ITESM CCM engineering department
Engaged to Maria Fernanda Feria-Lince of UNAM

FB of David: dave.bal9047
FB of Fernanda: feruchis
These two sometimes deactivate their FB page, hiding from guilt.

David's work email: dc.balderassilva@itesm.mx
Fernanda's work email: fernanda_feria@yahoo.com

David is a member of this group:

Feel free to use this asshole's information.

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