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Anonymous 2018-12-11 21:40:14 File: cause-of-death.jpg (232.056kb, 600x400)
Cancer discussion.

List of ways we can cure and win against cancer because we already know that chemotherapy just doesn't work and it's just a one big scam to take your money before you die.

1 Dr Ralph Moss "The cancer industry"
2 "The 200 billion scam" by Jeff Kamen
3 "Why we are still Dying to know the truth" by Philip Daya
4 "The constant Gardener"
5 "Chempotherapy an unproven procedure"
6 "Cancer research a super fraud"
7 "B17 metabolic therapy in the prevention and control of cancer"
8 "World without cancer" by Edward Griffin
9 "The cancer business" by Pat Rattigan
10 Preface to cancer: Nature, Cause and cure by Alexander Berglas
11 Vitamin B17 Metabolic Therapy a clinical Guide
12 "Food for Thought"
13 "Your own perfect medicine" by Marty Christy
14 "Healing foods and The natural way to heal "Walter"

Some Links


Anonymous2018-12-29 22:46:16
Cancer is just bad cells in your system. I agree with this anon considering if you drink bleach it also kills cancer cells but all the good cells as well.
Anonymous2019-01-09 19:40:34
Just remind yourself who runs the medical industry around the world

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