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Anonymous 2019-03-19 11:09:45 File: government-censorship.jpg (16.527kb, 400x276)
I believe that government transparency is something that we deserve but don`t get. It seems that those in power are not at all willing to open up. Wars are being fought behind our backs and we remain unaware of them. Odd things are happening in front of us and we have no reason why. Lies are being fed to us and we don`t know why. So many questions and so few answers.
I have made a site dedicated to this subject. In terms of content and purpose its similar to Wikileaks. I leak sensitive data on to my site in protest of the injustice that the powerful impose upon us.
Site url: http://intel2iy3ky6hegf.onion/
(accessible only through Tor browser)

This site is my attempt of trying to get to the truth, its not too great but i am trying.

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