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Anonymous 2019-04-12 16:00:35 File: 50848311ce57aecc2417000f32b08286.jpg (95.19kb, 1054x1054)
Looking for high quality undetectable bank notes to buy from legit vendors? Then look no further.
Best quality counterfeits on the market.
ALL security features. They pass the pen test without problems. UVI is incorporated, so they pass the UV test as well.
They have all necessery security features to be spent anywhere except depositing Bank or ATM!!!!!

-Cotton paper!
-Correct sizes
-Real colors
-Color changing inks
-Security threads

Contact us on;

Email: kadinkra@protonmail.ch

Wickr: kadinkra
Anonymous2019-07-13 16:24:40
I am always looking but often get scammed . are you ledgit?
cell: 4049042569
Anonymous2019-07-13 16:25:25
I thought this was direct response. why did it go public?
please remove from public view

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