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Anonymous 2019-04-26 23:14:14 File: 789765.jpg (33.454kb, 576x400)
Small samples are now available due to popular inquiry.

Samples are not free but you can feel free to test any of my products in
small amounts of .5 - 1g increments + postage.

Here is the full menu with bulk prices:

Shipped from Canada!

Bronze, Silver & Gold Flowers *List of Marijuana & Marijuana Concentrates
is updated weekly, ask for the current weekly list.*
$300-400 for QP's and lower prices with bulk discounts. You can also order
a quarter or half oz.
We also have:

Shatter $40 p/g *Bulk discounts available*
Raw Distillates $40 p/g *Bulk discounts available*
Flavoured Distillates $40 p/g *Bulk discounts available*
Sugar Wax $40 p/g *Bulk discounts available*
Terp Sauce $40 p/g *Bulk discounts available*
Live Resin $50 p/g *Bulk discounts available*
Edibles $30 p/pack 125mg's of pure thc in each pack, 5mg each candy *Bulk
discounts available*
Rosin $50 p/g *Bulk discounts available*
Oil $40 p/g *Bulk discounts available*

Molly (Belgian Moonrocks - Tested @ Mid 80s - High 80s) *You get big
rocks, ONLY.*
14g $150
1-2oz $300 p/zip
3-5oz $250 p/zip
*Bigger amounts, ask.*

Puro Escala (Fish scale - High Heat - Tested @ Low 90s) Cooks back 26.4 -
26.67 p/oz. *You get chunks off the unit.*
7g $300
14g $600
1-2oz $1200 p/zip
3-5oz $1100 p/zip
*Bigger amounts, ask.*

Mexican Ice (Tested @ Mid 80s) *Big white shards, ONLY.*
14g $250
1-2oz $500 p/zip
3-5oz $400 p/zip

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