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Anonymous 2016-09-01 16:23:11 File: 53254635.jpg (374.032kb, 1065x907)
Why is russia such a great country ?
Anonymous2016-09-01 18:03:59
we dont have a muslim president like the us, good luck americucks
Anonymous2016-09-02 15:43:11File: kremlin1.jpg (139.337kb, 1024x590)
russia will always be the best country in the world
Anonymous2016-09-02 15:44:12File: kremlin2.jpg (147.629kb, 750x656)
no niggers and most people are christians
Anonymous2016-09-03 05:48:41
>russia great

Anonymous2016-09-06 11:52:38File: obama-vs-putin.gif (3473.154kb, 590x240)
most russian people are pretty redpilled and they respect putin
Anonymous2016-09-06 15:18:25File: obama-cuck.jpeg (119.224kb, 599x932)
russian here
we see obama here as the biggest loser and the worst president of the usa
Anonymous2016-09-08 16:57:40
russia suks
Anonymous2016-09-09 13:41:14File: jj8huj7y6y7yhg.jpg (44.095kb, 561x310)
putin loves white race and their own people.
Anonymous2016-09-16 04:22:31
mother russia will always win, fuck everyone else
Anonymous2016-11-21 15:39:00File: usa-sucks.jpg (235.937kb, 838x740)
thats why pic related
Anonymous2016-12-23 20:59:14
some false info in last one.

russia has biggest hidden sex racket after india.
Anonymous2019-01-09 18:49:51File: 75865435659654378.jpg (59.796kb, 587x468)
Usa is worst than ISIS, they do more damage than any other country. They should we wiped out completely.
Anonymous2019-06-02 05:52:04
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