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Anonymous 2017-02-08 04:57:13 File: liberated-women.jpg (156.122kb, 960x960)
how can we fix the women ?
Anonymous2017-02-15 04:02:10
Anonymous2017-02-17 02:28:37
I don't give a fuck anymore about them. I'm waiting for other losers to take the bait because you can't fix them anymore and anyone that believes this "love" crap is really wrong.
Anonymous2017-02-17 05:08:53File: fair-play.jpg (453.832kb, 694x507)
treat them like shit and they will come
Anonymous2017-02-17 16:32:19
This is a question I thought about recently.

Women are culturally duped into empathetic positions of unity with everyone except their men. Drug culture of the 60s helped turn that tide, the education system and media has figured out how to manipulate messages like "empowerment" and "unity" to further break whatever natural bond they may have.

Is that their fault? Where does loyalty & pride exist? It is politically correct in almost every ethnicity and race except ours.

I believe ever since before the invention of Christianity it has been about "our" women. They make great trophies.

Ultimately the harsh reality is that it stems from their men being weak, unorganized,and almost eternally mislead.This underlies their anger at their men, not oppression, (look at women all over the planet for shit sake) that is ridiculous.

In a film class in college I had a professor once tell the class, "If you want know what other people that control it here or in other countries honestly think about your people, look at how they treat those that share your physical characteristics in porn."

All I can say is that it is rare to see similar physical characteristics together anywhere in media. You figure out the rest in your northern lands of openness and multiculturalism, why do they beacon so brightly?

Anonymous2017-02-18 02:54:16File: KILLIT.jpeg (74.977kb, 540x487)
Thats for sure, the schooling system is a big fail, they teach those kids about how multiculti is good but they never tell them how dangerous it is and how it destroys them. Best advice right now would be if you have kids, home schooling is the only one option and don't let them wach the stupid propaganda thats being displayed on tv
Anonymous2017-02-19 04:00:21File: lady_pc.jpg (32.227kb, 350x372)
this word means nothing when it comes to relationship, women only care about money and how they look in front of their friends.
Anonymous2017-02-24 02:45:47File: 6fv874t45.jpg (60kb, 618x356)
Women opinion on any issue has absolutely no weight. Perhaps they should just stay in the kitchen ( like they used to ) and make something productive.
Anonymous2017-02-25 03:11:45
there is no better picture than this to describe 99.99% of women, this is just one example but you get the point
Anonymous2017-03-08 05:25:41
my gf is only good when she fucks me and thats it
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