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Anonymous 2017-02-10 11:35:03 File: the_new_germans.jpeg (15.375kb, 255x199)
Anyone from Germany ? I just wanted to know how do you feel about your country ?

Anonymous2017-02-15 04:19:52File: enough-of-it.jpg (43.669kb, 720x432)
better than your country
Anonymous2017-02-17 01:59:52File: fuckthem.jpg (119.605kb, 750x455)
fuck all of you pussies !
Anonymous2017-02-18 04:24:19
cant't wat to have a new president, you guys are lucky that trump won the election, i doubt germany will ever recover after the musilm invasion
Anonymous2017-03-12 03:57:38
you got it all figured out, man.
Anonymous2017-03-17 02:56:35
german citizen here, i know one thing there is no more hope.

burn it all down.

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