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Anonymous 2017-03-06 06:37:12 File: clinton-TIME.jpg (18.25kb, 227x300)
What do you think about him, probably not as bad as hillary but he did a lot of damage back in his days
Anonymous2017-03-08 06:03:55
to dumb to hide his dick, how did he ever became the president. only in usa lol
Anonymous2017-03-10 03:26:01
I like him
Anonymous2017-03-20 00:20:01
Well at least he got some nice pussy while being in the office.
Anonymous2017-04-07 03:28:37
Every fucking kike must hang including bill c
Anonymous2017-06-30 20:16:05
>Every fucking kike must hang including bill c
I could not agree more.
Anonymous2017-08-04 03:20:42
A lot of promises worth nothing, goddamn

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