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Anonymous 2016-09-03 03:28:20 File: never-media.jpg (199.68kb, 719x960)
Don't believe the media and question everything what they say
Anonymous2016-09-08 04:23:38
i fucking hate the media so wht else is new ?
Anonymous2016-09-10 05:20:00File: crookedmediaonceagain.png (663.112kb, 1024x987)
pretty sad how everything changed but at least we can see truth online
Anonymous2016-09-10 06:36:04File: fox-news-cucked.jpeg (40.735kb, 600x309)
its funny how the media shills for #crookedhillary
Anonymous2016-09-27 21:06:26
she is just a puppet to them i always try to avoid the mainstream news
Anonymous2016-09-27 22:09:48File: 5467654678.jpg (125.878kb, 600x424)
The amount of money that the media makes is fucking insane.

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