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Anonymous 2017-03-28 04:54:55 File: 4574985635467455.jpg (111.863kb, 500x353)
I have something simillar to this ( not as bad ) I don't believe in taking any pills because they will fuck me up one way or another. Any suggestions ?
Anonymous2017-04-25 15:31:45
My acne gets cleared up with Irish Spring soap, (it is horrible chemical laden stuff that I wouldnt use otherwise.) However that does not look like acne but it may help if there is some sort of similar basis. I'd ask on a skin specialist medical board so you can get a name of what it is and google resolutions. Or see a Dr and tell them you don't want pills.
Anonymous2017-04-28 08:16:00
its Morgellons ofc. what else?

got get your screwdriver ready.
Anonymous2017-05-04 00:16:27
Try to see if this helps, it cost close to nothing and it might worj for you

Apple cider vinegar - It is an antibacterial that also kills yeast while correcting your skin's pH. You can use it straight or dilute in water (3 parts water to 1 part vinegar). Dab on with a cotton ball after washing and drying your face. [2]

Aloe vera - You can use aloe vera alone for spot treatment or with essential oils such as tea tree oil or neem oil. Aloe vera can also be used as a mask. Use gel or better yet, straight from the plant. Rub on and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing.
Anonymous2017-06-01 02:56:10
you need to c doctor
Anonymous2017-06-16 09:12:45
yes i have a solution
Anonymous2017-06-16 09:13:36
first give me some money
Anonymous2017-06-21 02:50:44
>first give me some money
im sure op is still here looking for your advice..

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