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Anonymous 2016-09-07 13:21:49 File: youngsluts.png (1061.579kb, 575x877)
How low can you go ? you can just tell they are coalburners and will end up with a monkey coming out of their infected pussy

Anonymous2016-09-07 14:09:49
Anonymous2016-09-08 16:27:53
they all look like sluts
Anonymous2016-09-09 15:59:08
how to stop the retardation of millenials ?
Anonymous2016-09-09 18:16:14

they want that black dick

Anonymous2016-09-12 16:16:40File: 1447336359824.jpg (19.807kb, 461x325)
they want that nigger make up
Anonymous2016-09-14 15:45:31File: 6jgh48dey.jpg (12.958kb, 320x239)
Anonymous2016-09-15 15:29:37File: 7867544567568.jpg (89.832kb, 896x384)
nigger make up ... hehehe

Anonymous2016-09-15 15:32:44File: dating-nigger-notice-anything.jpg (295.606kb, 1242x2208)
notice anything ?
Anonymous2016-09-15 16:36:52File: blacks7654.jpg (105.058kb, 789x702)
dindu nuffin
Anonymous2016-10-05 05:51:14
A White woman is 15 times more likely to contract
AIDS by engaging in sex with a Negro than with a White
heterosexual. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control)
Anonymous2016-10-09 01:22:57File: murders-in-america.png (42.515kb, 1024x605)
once you go black you never return back pic related
Anonymous2016-10-09 14:19:15File: 6546765467.jpg (114.192kb, 768x1024)
someone is going to get raped
Anonymous2016-10-16 14:19:14File: once-you-go-black-story.jpg (657.506kb, 636x4538)
can confirm, I knew this one girl that was dating a nigger, got pregnant at 17 in high school and her life was never the same. Once you go black there is no way back
Anonymous2016-11-04 00:32:13
they deserve to die
Anonymous2016-11-25 03:40:43File: average-iq-score.jpg (63.842kb, 1024x466)
This is a better picture that shows average iq in each country around the world, clearly black countries are having the lowest iq from other places.

Nice photo OP
Anonymous2017-01-17 05:02:43File: its_shit.jpeg (92.7kb, 600x337)
8 months later... pic related
once you go black your a single mother forever
Anonymous2017-03-05 06:26:14File: 567568774755486645.png (599.487kb, 530x970)
this is the reason why when you date a black male your life will never be the same
Anonymous2017-04-10 04:26:06File: germany-rape.jpg (220.877kb, 641x1873)
>how to stop the retardation of millenials ?


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