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Anonymous 2016-09-07 16:10:13 File: india-airport.jpg (288.929kb, 718x960)
India number 1 place where they shit everywhere they can. I would not want to buy anything from a place where they dont have or dont use toilets
Anonymous2016-09-08 19:12:21File: india2.jpg (132.102kb, 858x536)
india is and always will be a shithole
Anonymous2016-09-09 14:51:35
filthy poo in loo pajeets will never advance
Anonymous2016-09-09 14:59:21
welcome to india
Anonymous2016-09-09 17:08:13
how can one country with over 1bil people be so cucked
Anonymous2016-09-10 07:14:09File: ujhyf.jpg (13.605kb, 191x255)

Anonymous2016-10-09 04:01:26
haha look at those cockroaches what a time to be alive

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