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Anonymous 2016-09-08 17:53:13 File: Usa-and-israel-supporting-isis-why.jpg (24.019kb, 480x319)
ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, a fact as clear as the sky is blue. It’s a truth as black and white as the colors on their flag. For many alternative news readers, this may be patently obvious, but this article is written for the large majority of people in the world who still have no idea who is really behind the rise of ISIS. No matter which name they go by – ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh – the group has been deliberately engineered by the US and Israel to achieve certain geopolitical goals. They are a religious, fundamentalist, Sunni terrorist organization created to terrorize and overthrow certain secular or Shiite Arab nations such as Syria and Iraq, but they are not just “Islamic”. They may be Muslims, and they may be advocating an Islamic State, but they are very much working towards the goals of Zionism.


So when will this end ?
Anonymous2016-09-08 19:40:01
this is pretty fucked up, why the fuck is usa working with isreal ?
Anonymous2016-09-09 17:29:56
Israel is USA ally for a long long long time my friend..... despite they have their own secrets. There was a time USA had no idea about Israeli nuclear program.
Anonymous2016-09-10 17:17:46File: 1447639359232.png (192.019kb, 504x720)
the people that fight isis should expose the us government so people can actually see the truth, usa should stop funding israel
Anonymous2016-09-13 14:36:27File: 32456453256543.jpg (590.26kb, 1461x1491)
us people love wars pic related
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