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Anonymous 2016-09-10 04:11:07 File: donations-to-clinton-foundation.png (257.974kb, 1050x800)
Breaking News !

Hillary Clinton Funding ISIS? Julian Assange Claims Proof Will Come Soon

Lock her up !

Anonymous2016-09-10 05:12:15
she is a traitor and deserves to die
Anonymous2016-09-10 05:27:49File: never-hillary.jpg (241.775kb, 937x960)
crookedhillary wants to create social state
Anonymous2016-09-10 13:26:19File: blood-on her-hands.jpg (120.474kb, 601x480)
they should #lockherup i hope her supporters will see this and not vote for #crookedhillary
Anonymous2016-09-10 13:49:54File: life-lines-hillary-clinton.png (200.301kb, 768x556)
whats wrong with killary ?

Anonymous2016-09-10 14:29:23
she is sick as a dog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kmRB4a33_o never hillary
Anonymous2016-09-11 05:19:04
I read that thread for like few minutes and it makes me sick
Anonymous2016-09-12 15:35:56
its pretty fucked what she did, how the fuck is she still alive ?
Anonymous2016-09-16 06:26:36File: crooked-hillary-health.jpg (146.732kb, 800x524)
its the jew that keeps her alive
Anonymous2016-10-09 02:00:17File: clinton-cash.png (127.658kb, 281x242)
i think everyone should be watching this right now and see how her whole life is about ripping off the american pople #clintoncash

Anonymous2016-10-14 06:05:12File: trump-card.jpg (41.918kb, 400x527)
trump will put her in jail, this is why we must make sure trump wins

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