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Anonymous 2016-09-10 17:04:41 File: 1448823282734.jpg (218.69kb, 644x644)
--------------------------The 911 thread--------------------------------------

To make it short, mossad ( Israel's intelligence agency ) was responsible for the terrorist attack. Post anything related.

You can check those following web sites and see more info :
Anonymous2016-09-10 17:06:48File: 1446222211983.jpg (9.615kb, 343x147)
this was quickly removed from the media news after it aired on tv
Anonymous2016-09-10 17:10:46File: 911-mossad.jpg (562.07kb, 1939x2246)
really makes you think
Anonymous2016-09-11 04:39:05
jews really did a good job on this one kek
Anonymous2016-09-11 04:48:31
>I was in the World Financial Center when this all happened. It's directly across the street form the WTC. I was close enough to feel both jets fly by and expload into the towers. I literally missed seeing the second impact by 10 seconds.

>When the first one happened I thought it might be a bomb in my building but the sound was nowhere near as loud as i would expect. I thought it may be a flash thunderstorm and was stunned to hear my manager say a plane had hit the WTC. Ran to the window and sure enough Tower 1 was on fire. But we couldn't see any plane wreckage. All we saw were people running for their lives and a couple of car accidents on the road below. We didn't really think much of this first impact, just that it was an accident.

>After about 5 mins of watching the aftermath I ran back to my desk to call my family and that's when I heard a second rumble and explosion which was louder than the first. I ran to the window and saw that the second building had been hit. This is when tensions started to rise and anxiety kicked in. People started yelling, "Everyone get out!". We all ran for the emergency stairs and began our long, slow, decent to the ground level. You could see the worry in people's eyes, some even begining to cry. It's weird because along with anxiety, my survival instinct kicked in. I realized that I was prepared to trample people just to get out. It also raised self doubt of how "good" of a human being I really am.

>I made my way outside the building and stood among the hundreds of helpless people that were watching the towers burn. This is when I saw a person dive out of the building to their death. This is when reality finally smacked me in the face. I began to make my way uptown. Turned around to take another glance and saw a second person jump to their death. This is the point I began to feel vulnerable. Just looking around me to see hundreds of people unable to help the situation is truly depressing.

>I was able to make it home after a very long trek uptown. I passed by thousands of people. All I can think about is the tourment that people were feeling, the sadness in their eyes. My condolences to all those who have lost loved ones or will lose loved ones . . .
Anonymous2016-09-11 05:50:18
I'm interested in hearing when will the media say the true story of 911
Anonymous2016-09-11 06:05:19File: jews-did-911.jpg (161.352kb, 742x558)
i remember being shitfaced that day good times
Anonymous2016-09-11 11:13:14File: Benjamin-Netanyahu.png (68.858kb, 637x180)
“What we need to stand up and say is not only did THEY ( Israel) attack the U.S.S. Liberty, THEY did 9/11. THEY did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at its headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.”
Anonymous2016-09-11 11:20:14File: 914356753869.jpg (277.12kb, 753x354)

remember when trump was saying about people celebrating during 911 ?
Anonymous2016-09-12 02:51:18
what a great cover up by the us government
Anonymous2016-09-12 03:58:51
everyone knows 911 was an inside job, jet fuel can't melt steel bems
Anonymous2016-09-12 15:46:06File: bush-911.jpg (21.868kb, 164x240)

Anonymous2016-09-13 04:47:37File: juhbnhbgtgfvciuuyhA.jpg (94.018kb, 521x789)
realness of how fucked your government is
Anonymous2016-09-13 06:37:00File: explosion911.gif (509.247kb, 500x284)
they did a pretty good job on this one
Anonymous2016-09-13 14:33:41
really makes you speechless
Anonymous2016-09-14 13:33:42File: did-you-know-911.jpg (130.719kb, 640x960)
yup pretty well done unfortunately they did not know the power of the internet and the people that exposed them
Anonymous2016-09-14 13:40:28File: the-wtc-truth.jpg (1771.001kb, 2762x1703)
just another source
Anonymous2016-09-15 15:38:05
Face it guys america will never be the same, this was all planned in order to control people on daily basis
Anonymous2016-09-16 07:07:30File: how-911-was-created-wtc.jpeg (206.821kb, 640x889)
very simple explanation what happened (pic related)

Anonymous2016-09-16 21:45:44File: wtc-attack-pepe.gif (4155.741kb, 375x221)
rare pepe
Anonymous2016-09-17 05:04:25
#crookedhillary Says "Pentagon Bombed" 9/11 Truth


Anonymous2016-09-19 04:36:09File: 5f90pw26cbvnghyr.jpg (612.917kb, 816x2880)
this guy made some money
Anonymous2016-09-27 22:45:27File: thejewsdid911.gif (57.235kb, 500x330)
the jew wanted to be clear...
Anonymous2016-10-24 01:37:25File: ny911.jpeg (10.59kb, 253x199)
trump actually said he will investigate this whole 911 thing, he knows the true story, remember when usa lied about WOMD in order to create the terorrist attack ? day of the rope is coming
Anonymous2016-10-24 02:10:01
Who Told Giuliani the WTC
was Going to Collapse on 9/11?

Anonymous2017-01-10 09:59:54File: wtc-all-list.jpg (199.557kb, 955x960)
there will be another wtc attack in the united states but much bigger and more harmful and that will lead of course to ww3.
you can bet on it.

Anonymous2017-01-15 13:09:58File: 911_van.jpg (10.7kb, 505x302)
they did not even tried to hide this
Anonymous2017-01-26 03:22:25File: 911_on_the_bill.jpg (37.739kb, 500x667)
it's been confirmed many times that bush and others knew about it and it was a secret plan to create war on citizens of the united states, sharing few photos that i have
Anonymous2017-01-26 03:23:19File: caution_911.png (120.178kb, 624x262)
they hollywood people knew about it as well
Anonymous2017-01-26 03:24:56File: phillips_world.jpg (21.75kb, 236x307)
there is a youtube commercial about that ad
Anonymous2017-01-26 03:28:35File: sanyo_911.jpg (22.54kb, 483x286)

Anonymous2017-02-15 04:10:50File: trademark-911.png (206.504kb, 700x560)
They're trying to lie to people but it was all well done in order to create "the new world order"
Anonymous2017-04-12 04:25:20
jews always manipulate the world to create their own agenda.
Anonymous2017-07-25 03:39:10
(((Lucky Larry))) decided to cash out. #WTCTRUTH
Anonymous2017-07-25 03:42:10
also this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_fp5kaVYhk
Anonymous2017-08-03 23:40:57
You don't have to be an engineer or architect to understand that the reason professional demolition companies spend weeks planning and prepping buildings is because for their interests a building USUALLY must fall into its own footprint with the typical "kink" in the middle. Controlled implosions are the only time you see a symmetrical collapse like WTC7. The trademark "kink" in which the central core pillars are kicked out is the key for achieving a fully vertical implosion because it stabilizes the collapse by pulling the building inward.

What you see in WTC7 is the core columns giving out first and then 1-2sec later ALL the remaining columns give out at the same time. There is no fire scenario, or damage scenario which can account for this. WTC1 and 2 had similarly observable inconsistencies between video evidence and the claims the government made. But at this point its a waste of time to debate those, WTC7 is the lynchpin because if it was imploded, that means weeks of planning and prep, meaning people in the USA knew, meaning workers rigged those buildings with tons of explosives for weeks while people still worked in them, it means that our government knew and if they knew they must have played a hand in it.

If you can think of a scenario where fire on the upper levels can weaken all columns instantly at the basement or lobby level I would be glad to hear it. We aren't splitting hairs here, don't be fooled by shils you don't need a degree to understand this, you just need a pulse and to actually give a shit.
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