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Anonymous 2016-09-11 11:22:18 File: obrazek02.jpg (34.76kb, 640x360)
Another Clinton witness dead after apartment explosion.... can you believe this shit? NWO motherfuckers :-/
Anonymous2016-09-11 17:00:45
she will be next, either she dies or she will go to jail

Anonymous2016-09-12 15:20:19
she is ill as fuck, i hope she dies soon
Anonymous2016-09-16 20:37:22
some sources tell me that she will die most likely in 2017-2018 which makes perfect sense
Anonymous2016-09-17 06:00:00File: 765765764576645768.jpg (39.684kb, 320x228)
what sources and from where ?

she needs to by killed alive by a wood cutting saw
Anonymous2016-10-16 00:41:45
some sources ?

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