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Anonymous 2018-01-09 19:08:50 File: nigger_apple.jpg (11.101kb, 255x222)
>current year is 2018
>Amazon Key is a huge success
>niggers lazier than ever
>too lazy even to go thieving
>Tyrone "The Brain" DeQuarius smartest nigger in the world has a brilliant plan
>sign up for Amazon Key
>buy something from Amazon Key
>jack that package off Amazon delivery guy when he comes into the crackhouse to drop off the package
>oh boy dis so easy mane
>sheeeit da popo be here up in da crackden
>be nigger
>jew judge dismisses case
>dat face when all you gotts do is order u a amazon wit ebt an crackas so dumb you get to jack dose packages ofa' amazon crackas in da luxury o ya own obama house an dey don evn kno o nuttin'
>rinse repeat
>bleeding edge niggardry

Anonymous2019-01-18 14:00:00
> 2030 someone dougther is beein fucked by a nigger

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