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Anonymous 2016-09-12 16:02:07 File: sick-hillary2.jpg (197.039kb, 1228x1228)
Hillary Clinton Health Investigation thread. This is what we know now.

-Hillary has a form of dementia called Subcortical Vascular Dementia.
-Experiencing double vision from the eye surgery.
-Alzheimer's disease.
Anonymous2016-09-12 16:04:30File: hillary-doctor-statment.png (32.024kb, 581x146)
when asked about her health the clinton campaign lied again..
Anonymous2016-09-12 16:06:43File: sick-hillary.jpg (59.837kb, 700x467)
#hillaryillness what are they trying to hide ?
Anonymous2016-09-13 03:46:38File: 76578654678.jpg (59.224kb, 609x680)
is she fuckin dead or what ? Is Teresa Barnwell acting as hillary ?
Anonymous2016-09-13 06:09:53
is #crookedhillary being poisoned https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2016/09/12/the-man-who-discovered-cte-thinks-hillary-clinton-may-have-been-poisoned/ this would be pretty fucked up, trump is literally winning big against her, the polls are rigged big time.
Anonymous2016-09-13 14:15:24File: hc-sick-as-dog.jpg (284.554kb, 1200x944)
her campaign is basically destroyed and people already know this you can see this everywhere.

she lied to the american people once again when she said that there is nothing wroing with her.
Anonymous2016-09-13 14:22:06
>Clinton’s cover story for her pneumonia diagnosis further proves her first instinct is to lie


Anonymous2016-09-14 04:41:12File: hillary46546.jpg (343.832kb, 1700x1349)
for fuck's sake can somone "remove" her 4ever ?
Anonymous2016-09-14 04:58:50
Holy shit !!!
Mysterious piece of metal flings out of Hillary's pant leg while she is being dragged into her van passed out

watch before #jewtube removes it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j580tM
Anonymous2016-09-14 15:28:12
can someone put that sick dog down ?
Anonymous2016-09-15 03:53:32
hahahah she is a dog, anyone rememer the stupid barking that she did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGOAMd6H1D8
Anonymous2016-09-15 04:43:21File: 5tfgcddrg.gif (691.489kb, 350x188)
i wonder how will anyone explain this, she is like from another planet
Anonymous2016-09-15 05:32:41File: wikileaksbraindamage.jpg (21.964kb, 575x417)
BREAKING: FBI Leaks New Evidence Of Hillary’s Brain Damage http://www.webdaily.com/2016/09/02/breaking-fbi-leaks-new-evidence-of-hillarys-brain-damage/

I guess #crookedhillary is pretty much done

Anonymous2016-09-16 01:19:52
"Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," says Medical School Professor

Anonymous2016-09-16 04:06:41File: 76546754678.jpg (38.13kb, 605x357)
In 2017 #crookedhillary will die or go to jail. This will happen mark my words
Anonymous2016-09-16 04:38:30File: gas-hillary.gif (308.647kb, 599x468)
i think she should take the shower it might help her ...
Anonymous2016-09-16 05:07:15File: tgvQc17.jpg (100.237kb, 800x494)
why would anyone question her health ....
Anonymous2016-09-16 05:44:59
i cant stand that stupid bitch
Anonymous2016-09-16 19:50:24
no doubt hillary has big problems but she will probably make it through the campaign
Anonymous2016-09-16 21:59:01
hillary clinton doctor is a fraud look at this here

>4 out of 5 doctors say Hillary is too sick to be president

Anonymous2016-09-16 22:30:31
she did not want the medical records to be released to the public when she "overheated" #hillaryillness

Anonymous2016-09-17 06:38:38File: Hillarys-Health.jpg (41.411kb, 600x429)
if she overheated it means she needs to drink coolant, where is her doctor ??
Anonymous2016-09-19 04:11:26

Anonymous2016-09-21 03:39:35
We don't know this yet but she probably has few months left before she dies. I would not be surprised if this actually happened.
Anonymous2016-09-27 04:07:03File: 5tgd6ydtrdg.png (491.605kb, 640x640)
the real pic
Anonymous2016-09-27 21:31:49File: death_is_coming_for_elites.jpg (46.243kb, 480x346)
Donald Trump has responded to the news that his opponent Hillary Clinton has a mild lung infection by predicting she will never get better and will soon be dead. He quickly dismissed criticisms that he is not qualified to make that assertion.

“I know more about disease than doctors do. Believe me.” #trumpdoctor

Anonymous2016-09-27 21:35:19
Trump then listed all the illnesses he has fought off in what he calls his own personal medical Vietnam, which proves that he is fighting fit.

“All my meals consist of dodgy food but I never get sick. Is it because the food isn’t really dodgy? No. It is dodgy, but my amazing stomach kicks that dodgy food’s ass every time.”

i would trust #trumpdoctor more than some random faggot with a degree and yes #crookedhillary will be dead soon link below

Anonymous2016-09-28 13:21:24
ok it does not matter if she wins or not because she won't be in the office for to long, she is on life support
Anonymous2016-10-09 01:20:10
the fluoride killed her brain completely fuckhillary2016
Anonymous2016-10-17 12:40:55File: yhtgrcvcdswqa.gif (1139.831kb, 360x200)
and she wants to deal with putin
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